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How to Start a Podcast and Magazine Without Really Trying

Also Known As It Was the Best of Times, It Was The Worst of Times

During the Covid lockdown of 2020, many of us turned to the Clubhouse app. Maybe we simply wanted to hear the voices of others, share our mutual passions, or just waste time. Who really knows? And, like many, I was right in there — ready to chat at a moment’s notice, often about things I knew nothing about. It was a lot like real life in that respect.

Then, I decided to try interviewing a few top historians — many in Plantagenet, Tudor and Stuart history, in order to give the members of my group, All Things Tudor, a new outlet. They are thirsty for knowledge whether it’s books, podcasts, or live events.

So next thing you know, I’m on Twitter messaging historians I didn’t know. These were all people that my group of 37,000 had requested to know more about.

To my great surprise, everyone I contacted responded positively.

Tudor Tuesday on the Clubhouse app became a thing. We chatted about new books, new theories, and made things from the past spring to life. We discussed history in general and why we enjoyed it. A good time was had by all.

Too soon it was over. By the end of 2021 many of us were returning to work and a somewhat ‘new normal’ routine. My husband recommended starting a podcast. The members of my group give me numerous suggestions for guests and topics they would like to learn more about. Everything seemed great — the first few guests were lined up, and we were ready to go with All Things Tudor — The Podcast.

Except suddenly, I had to go into an unexpected round of chemo treatment.

To lift my spirits and give me a creative outlet, I decided to continue producing the podcast while receiving treatments. I set forth with a concept, a production team that understood what I envisioned for the podcast. From there, we recorded two months’ worth of episodes. Everyone involved was very supportive and I’m still thankful that they were so gracious to a new podcaster. Only one of my guests knew about my health issues and chemo treatment.

In the meantime, I would connect with Terence Hawkins, founder of the Yale Writers Conference, and Dr Norman Jones, Professor Emeritus and Cambridge graduate. I had…




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